Thursday, June 16, 2016

YW Scripture Ribbon/Awards Shadowbox

Do your young women use their scripture ribbons and organizer?  

In 2010 when it was first announced I thought the ribbons were a wonderful idea.  And the girls were excited about them.  A beautiful way to mark our scriptures.  We noticed over the years that excitement turned to "Oh, I've earned another scripture ribbon and am not sure what to do with it."  We found that even though we encouraged our girls to use their paper scriptures and ribbon markers, they (we) often chose to use our cell phones and specifically the LDS Scripture Library online. 

As I was helping my daughter prepare for her Young Women in Excellence display I came across all of the beautiful ribbons and thought they represented so much work.  I couldn't let them go unnoticed.  I decided much like the many awards, ribbons, medals the boys earn while in the Scouting program and often displayed at their Eagle Court of Honor, we could do the same by displaying Kate's many awards, medals and especially the 8 ribbons representing the completion of each Value Experience and Project. 

Kate's happy little face at the completion of several years of achieving her goals.
Her shadowbox is a great reminder of those years and also an encouragement to continue to move forward with new goals and new experiences.

This charm bracelet was created by our Personal Progress leader in hopes to encourage our young women to actively participate each month and then report when they had accomplished a goal in the Value they were working on.  Each charm represents a value experience or project that was completed.  The girls love them! 

The lockets and torch symbol have special significance and act as reminders throughout Kate's young women years.

I bought the shadowbox at Hobby Lobby 50% off.

The YW Value signs were purchased at Deseret Book.

We also created this for her YW display.

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