Friday, June 3, 2016

Vintage Dresser and Rocking Chair Re-Do

I'd like to give a shout out to a friend that is talented in many things and especially in purchasing old, beat up furniture and turning them into beautiful works of art.

She looks for sturdy, well built pieces that need a little tender loving care.  And then she works her magic.  She found this one for me.  Before the re-do I called it "old."  After the magic, I felt it deserved the honor of being labeled "restored vintage!"

Her Facebook described this chest as a...

"Dreamy Vintage Dresser!!! Look at the original Drawer Pulls, aren't they lovely? It has been painted a custom palest of blue, I'm calling this color "cloud 9". I painted the drawers antique white for a fresh clean look. Of course I'm loving the original Casters! Perfect for storing old quilts in a cottage guest house by the beach...Just sayin"

Beautiful, ornate hand crafted markings. 

Lindsey gave me the option of changing out the antique drawer pulls or keeping them.  It didn't take us long to come to the decision of KEEPING THEM.  They are beautiful.

I don't have a "cottage guest house by the beach" but it has become a wonderful edition to my sitting room.  And I do store my cozy handmade quilts in the drawers!

While negotiating our deal for the dresser, I couldn't resist this adorable vintage children's rocking chair in "Mint" condition. 

Lots and lots of layers of paint to refinish all these chair spindles.  It will make a great chair for our little one as she reads her books or watches her favorite video.

This was another make-over.  So beautiful.

She does custom orders!
And I love mine!

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