Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Neighborhood Fall Fest 2016

It's Fall and it's time for our neighborhood to celebrate.  In previous years we have gathered for a fun dance party in someone's converted garage.  We watched each other limbo, break dance, conga, and all sorts of other fun and funny dance moves.

This year we thought we would change it up a bit and have a street fall festival.  It was a total blast!  Number ONE priority was to bring our neighborhood friends together before the snow puts a damper on our outside activities.  Number TWO priority was to allow the youth to earn some money for their summer youth conference trip, girls camp and scout camp.  

One of our talented young women water-colored this flyer for us.  The same young woman led the group in preparing the back drop for our selfie station.

All of the youth were involved in one way or another.  We also delegated responsibilities to the different auxiliary groups within our church organization.  That shared the prep work among a lot of willing people.

We throw wet sponges at the clowns in our neighborhood!

Booths- each of the youth volunteered for shifts
Bake Sale
Silent Auction Baskets
Hot Dogs and Lemonade (free for all)
Popcorn (1 ticket)
Sno-Kone (2 tickets)
Cotton Candy (1 ticket)
Clown Sponge Toss (1 ticket for three throws)
Pumpkin Decorating (3 tickets)
Bobbing for Apples (1 ticket)
Donuts on a String (2 tickets)
Storytelling (professional storyteller)
3 legged race (1 ticket for 2 people)
Potato Sack Race and Pumpkin Bowling (1 ticket for 2 people)
Jail (1 ticket to put someone in jail-2 tickets for bail)
Cupcake walk-(1 ticket)
Food Eating Contest (4 tickets)
Scarecrow Updos (2 tickets)
Selfie Photo Station (free)
Facepainting (2 tickets)
Pie Throwing Contest (1 ticket)

All tickets were $1 and purchased at the ticket booth.  The "cost" of each booth depended on the materials needed for the booth. 

The activities were a lot of fun.  The free hot dogs and lemonade brought in the crowds!

If you didn't have your fill of free hot dogs you could enter the hot dog eating that was fun to watch!

Another great money maker for the youth were these silent auction baskets.

Each Auxiliary gathered and donated one basket

The Bake Sale had a lot of repeat business.  Lots and lots of amazing donated baked goods.

Everything was gone by festival end.

It was a beautiful evening and everyone, young and old, had a great time.

We couldn't leave out the traditional dance party so when the sun went down we headed for our neighbor's tennis court and for the next few hours DANCED!

Happy Fall Ya'LL

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