Saturday, October 29, 2016

They're Creepy and they're crawly...

I'm not very fond of spiders.  I just saw a dead tarantula on the road in front of my house today.  We live on a mountain and was told that our neighborhood seems to be right in the middle of a tarantula migration path.  Who knew that tarantulas migrated!

My sister, Connie created a nest of jewel beaded spiders just in time for Halloween.  They are beautiful. And she shared one with me.  In a lamp lit foyer it looks creepy and crawly.    

I've been a little creeped out at first glance and then remembered it's a PRETTY spider! that an oxymoron?

Connie used bendable wire, beads and jewels to create.  She initially made a large one to hang off her chandelier.  Looks awesome. 

I added my creepy crawly to the display of Broomsticks, Bats and Toads.  I thought that fitting. 

Can you say EWWWW!

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