Monday, September 17, 2012

An Olympic Sized Ketchup Night-YW

Last month for our Personal Progress night we had an Olympic sized Ketchup Night.  The London Olympic events inspired an evening of personal bests.  Our events centered around the young women values.  We also wanted to provide a night where the yw could "ketchup" on a few of their value experiences and projects.  The invitation offered a little glimpse of what the night would be about.  (I found the invitation template here)


Outline for the evening:

This is a night to do a little “ketchup” PP work and because we are in the midst of our world Olympics we’ve come up with some PP Olympic feats for you to accomplish.
Why do you think we would make that statement tonight?
What is our value for the month?  VIRTUE.
·      We have 5 tables with 5 different PP Olympic challenges on them.
·      If you participate in these challenges you will be given a PP punch card. 
·      After successfully completing each challenge a YW leader will hole punch your card. 
·      Complete all 5 challenges and you become eligible to be awarded the GOLD.


Olympic Challenges

Have you completed a goal?  Working on a goal? Set a goal?  Interview with a member of the YW presidency and enter your information into the computer document.  Once completed a YW leader can give your card a hole punch.

Family Search
Must be done with a PP Partner.  Go to 
and search for a family name to take to the temple.  
YW leaders are available to help you learn how.  Once completed a YW leader can give your card a hole punch.
Olympic Triathlon
Must be done with a PP Partner.  Work together with your partner to see who can come up with the best time in our PP Olympic Triathlon (Ring Toss and Straw/Cotton Ball Game and Dart Board).  Once completed a YW leader can give your card a hole punch. 

Using the materials (For the Strength of Youth, PP Book, Scriptures) answer the PP Olympic Sized Questionnaire.  Once completed correctly a YW leader can give your card a hole punch.

Perform a great act of service and love by signing the quilt for (outgoing YW leader).  Have you taken the opportunity to tell her you love her?  Once completed a YW leader can give your card a hole punch.



(I found the Go For The GOLD  template here)

Once our young women had accomplished their PP feats they were presented their "gold medal" and then offered an "All American Burger" to celebrate.  My talented friend and 
cake lady sculpted cupcakes and brownies together to look just like an amazingly yummy hamburger.


A little parchment paper, baker's twine and a toothpick helped to make this look like it came straight from the hamburger joint down the street...minus the grease!  


The original idea was to serve french fries (with ketchup) and hamburgers.  We decided cold fries weren't very tasty so we opted for chips instead.  The girls worked hard, played hard and everything was devoured within a very short time!



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  1. So fun! Do you have a template for the punch card?