Monday, September 24, 2012

Frightfully Fun Halloween Decor

It's almost October and I can hardly wait to begin the ghoulish fun of decorating.  My kids would love me to start in September, but nope...gotta wait for October 1st.   
We live in a neighborhood where people come from all over to trick or treat and it's not just about the candy.  We have haunted houses complete with live zombies, neighbors that set up cotton candy/popcorn stands, scary (more silly than scary) movies playing on large outside screens and even houses on fire...staged by our local film director.  
Our house isn't quite as elaborate but we like to create some magic as well.  I always start with the front porch.  Stacked pumpkin topiarys and lanterns set the mood.   Add a couple of bird cages with black crows, a few creepy crawly spiders, even more pumpkins and the front door is ready to welcome all our ghouls and goblins.
Time to move inside.  Snarly old spray painted branches, more black crows, some spooky signs, lanterns, cut out haunted houses and we're well on our way to a house fit for a house full of ghosty fun.
Witch apparel is a must.  I couldn't find a witches hat that I loved or that was within my budget so I created one that was perfect for me.  Take an inexpensive, plain witches hat-add feathers, flowers and other fun to make it witchingly fantastic...hang it on the stair rail, ready at a moments notice.  
It's a living room laboratory!  Find some vintage bottles or make your own by adding a fun label to something that looks old.  If you're not in the mood to create then go to our  Chocolates for Breakfast Etsy store.  
We have some just for you here.  

We're almost done and I've saved the best for last...the family Halloween quilt wall hanging. It's a favorite at this house.  
(Order our infamous Halloween Ghastlie quilts here)HalloweenDecorations2010-1
The house is it's time to PARTY...just have to wait a few more weeks! 
Hope your October is frightfully fun!


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