Friday, September 14, 2012

It's finally a GIRL!

After 3 boys it's finally a GIRL! My fun boy-mom friend was not sure if she knew how to be a girl mom.  She admitted to knowing nothing about girl babies.  She really didn't even like PINK!  After hearing that information her devoted friends got together and threw her an everything PINK baby shower.

We had pink gumballs, pink tissue poms, shades of pink flowers, pink bows, pink marshmallow puffs, and even pink cotton candy.  We had girly chandeliers, beautiful gifts of pink clothes, pink shoes, pink...everything.

 If you're in the area (SLC, UT) I have an amazing source for bagged cotton candy.  Contact Eric at Best price and presentation of cotton candy ever.  You can personalize your own labels or you can choose from his selection.

We used pewter, glass and rod iron for serving dishes.  Now all we need is the food!

There were lots of friends that wanted to bring lots of yummy things to eat.  
Russian Creme (recipe here)

Chicken salad croissants

Raspberry Brownie Bites

(recipe here)
I found this delectable Salted Caramel Shortbread Bites recipe.  Amazingly good! 

(recipe here)

After just a few short months our boy-mom has proven to be just as good at being a mom to a beautiful little girl.  Not surprising at all! 

 And's become a sweet color of love.  

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