Monday, September 3, 2012

PTA's CATCH of the DAY

School's in session and now it's time to join PTA!..or PTO or whatever your school calls it....time to get involved!  Our PTA's theme this year is "Catch the Vision."  We thought it might be fun to come up with an interactive idea to encourage parents and grandparents to join.  We decided upon a fishing booth!  What better way to find out what "PTA's Catch of the Day" is all about.


We started by constructing our fishing dock.  One of our PTA moms and her first grade son took on the challenge.  Ammon (the first grader) said he drilled 83 holes to hold the dock together.  His school buddies were very impressed with his carpenter abilities. 
And I was too.


Once the dock was complete we used PVC pipe and shower curtains (from Target) to form the fishing booth walls.  Added a few sinkers and bobbers, netting and other nautical/fishy type things (from Hobby Lobby) and there you have it...a fishing experience!  Oh and don't forget the poles, fishing loot and of course the FISH!  We were ready for a lazy day on "the lake" for 700 students...prizes included.





While the students fished for prizes (thanks Oriental Trading Company) behind the fishing wall, the PTA parents fished from the big mouth fish (also found at Target in the clearance section).  Each of the magnetized fish had numbers that matched the stocked baskets of prizes.  Parents matched up their fish with a basket and could choose anything from school supplies, restaurant gift certificates, fish cake pops, scrapbooking supplies, Trader Joe's (yeah-coming to Utah soon!) goodies, books, handmade quilts, t-shirts, sporting equipment and all kinds of other donated goods.  It was a great day for fishing!
Fish Cake Pop from our favorite cake lady A Piece of Cake
Fish Bowl Cake Pop
Fish Bobber Cake Pop



All of our elementary school teachers were invited to a special day of fishing to say WELCOME BACK.  We catered desserts for their luncheon, gave them a free school t-shirt and each teacher was given a chance to fish for the catch of the day.  Our teachers and staff are awesome.  100% faculty and staff joined our PTA organization.



We even had "Catch of the Day" cookies!  The crab has special meaning to one of our amazing staff members.


Thanks to all who donated their time and talents.  And thanks to the many businesses that support PTA.  
We're excited about the new school year and hope all "Catch the Vision" of helping to support and make decisions that involve the welfare and education of our children. 



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